• Slap!



    Art Print and Card Shop in France

    Slap! is a new art print e-shop aimed at the french market

    Launch Date: March 2015

    Paris, Normandy and beyond...


    We pick Art Prints from talented artists to fill our catalogue.

    We use Fine Art printing techniques to provide the highest quality possible.

    We set reasonable prices but give the artists their share in royalties as well as in visibility


    Our goal: to share our passion and bring art into everyone's home!


    Pick the option that's best for you!

    1. You wish to sell your already printed work through Slap!



    Here is what we pay particular attention to:


    1. The fit with Slap! esthetic


    2. The quality of your prints (printing technique, paper, printer, inks)


    3. The price... Making art affordable is one of our core value.



    If you have a catalogue don't hesitate to send it to us!


    For prints of a higher price range or if you wish to sell through us a large quantity of prints, we would be happy to discuss a model to accomodate your wish.


    2. You want your work to be printed and sold through Slap!

    We work with a fine art printer using giclée with archival inks and paper.


    Your Print will be sold as a limited edition (between 100 and 200) or an open edition according to your preferences


    Your art will come in 4 different possible sizes (A4, 30x40cm, 40x60cm and 60x80cm)

    In the case of limited editions, it will not be possible to sell you work elsewhere.


    When one of your prints is sold, we will credit your account of a percentage of the selling price (depending on the level of exclusivity) and transfer your gains through a Paypal account every quarter.



    After graduating from HEC Business School in 2013, I decided to combine my acquired business knowledge with my passion for graphic arts and illustrations! To make a success out of Slap! I have surrounded myself with precious advisors from all backgrounds and am determined to give it my all.


    Interested or curious?